Support our local businesses green initiative with 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™.

Shop, stay, recreate and more with businesses that are participating in 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™. Your purchase at their establishment is an opportunity to give back with a voluntary donation.

Our Island businesses bring a variety of goods and services to you their customers and they are working to conserve our natural resources for our enjoyment today and in the future.

FAQ’s for Consumers

  • Who is 1% to Conserve Galveston Island™?
    We are local businesses – who just like you love Galveston Island – working to permanently conserve open space lands, submerged lands and views on Galveston Island.
  • Who participates?
    Any business, regardless of home office location, providing products or services on Galveston Island may participate. Businesses such as restaurants, lodging, retail, professional services, real estate, recreation and more may participate. These businesses have partnered with 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™ to conserve Galveston Island’s natural resources.
  • Where does the money go?
    The money is collected by 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™ to fund open space project applications from non-profits, governmental entities, even for profit organizations – if their project meets the criteria.