How it Works

1% To Conserve Galveston Island™ is a partnership with local businesses to permanently protect and preserve our Island’s natural resources and open space. One hundred percent of our income is collected by local area businesses who have included a voluntary 1% donation from their customers.

1% To Conserve Galveston Island™ is new and growing. We are a program of Artist Boat, a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit.

Funds are raised primarily by participating businesses collecting a voluntary 1% donation on gross sales before taxes on products and services from customers. Participating businesses mail collected donations on an agreed payment plan. Funds are placed in safe, interest bearing accounts pending the receipt of a qualified project application.

Funding is granted to qualified applicants for projects from the 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™ account. Applicants must complete a formal application process submitted to the 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™ Advisory Committee for review and approval. The Grant Guidelines and Application may be found here.

Land, submerged lands and view sheds are legally protected thru a variety of legal instruments which may include: grant agreements, conservation easements, or governmental entity protection. All arrangements are legally binding.

We work hard to keep our expenses to the minimum. We do not participate in any other fund raising activities. Each participating business receives recognition advertising paid by 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™. We provide informational signage for businesses to promote their participation and educate customers. We may provide orientation training for employees on request. We maintain one full time program manager.