If you are interested in being a 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™ business member, please contact The Director at 409-770-0219 or email: You will receive information that will illustrate how the program fits your business goals and helps get you started.

Each business signing up to participate in the program must sign a contract. One copy remains with the business and one copy is retained by 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™.

You may download the Contract and Introduction Packet below:


♦ Introduction Packet


FAQ’ s for Employers and Employees

  • What is 1% To Conserve Galveston Island™?
    It is a voluntary program that collects 1% of gross sales from customers of your participating business.
  • Who can participate?
    Any business, service for profit or non-profit selling goods or services.
  • Do customers have to pay 1%?
    No, customers who wish to “opt out” may do so. It is not a tax. It is a VOLUNTARY contribution. If a customer wishes to opt out, the 1% donation should be removed from their bill.
  • Where does the money go?
    All funds are sent by the business to the program, who collects and saves it in safe interest bearing accounts.
  • When is the money spent?
    Funds are granted to organizations working to conserve lands on Galveston Island.
  • Have there been any projects funded?
    Not yet. We are a brand new organization just getting started. We hope you will encourage your business to participate.